Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME)
Agreed Medical Evaluator (AME)

Dr. Vickie Mabry-Height is a Qualified Medical Evaluator listed with the Division of Worker’s Compensation in California.

What is a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME)?

A Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) is a physician who is uninvolved in a person’s care that has been asked to clarify medical and case issues as part of the California worker’s compensation dispute resolution process.  The QME physician evaluates the injured worker and performs an impartial medical examination.  Medical records from treating doctors are reviewed and a report is prepared that resolves the disputed issues in the case, and can be used as evidence in hearings and other legal proceedings.  QME evaluations are not done for the purpose of medical treatment.

There are specific educational requirements as well as a test that physicians must pass in order to be designated as a QME.  Continuing medical education courses that are specific to worker’s compensation are also required on an ongoing basis in order for a physician to maintain the QME designation.

QME physicians are selected randomly from an assigned panel based upon their proximity to an injured worker’s residence.  Several reforms in the workers’ compensation system over the past 15 years were designed to eliminate unnecessary delays and improve the expeditious and equitable completion of QME medical-legal evaluations.

The Division of Worker’s Compensation maintains a list of QME doctors based upon their medical specialty and office locations.

What is an Agreed Medical Evaluator (QME)?

An Agreed Medical Evaluator is a physician selected by all parties to resolve a Workman's Compensation dispute.  All parties agree to accept this physicians opinion with regard to the resolution of the disputed medical condition.